Hosting and infrastructure

OpenStack at OVH

All virtual machines are in the OVH OpenStack cloud. The OVH account is ce188933-ovh (login via and is bound to the admin mail.

The following OVH projects have been defined:


The OVH user is the paying customer and the OVH projects are completely isolated from each other. The OVH interface allows to create OpenStack tenants in a given project. An OpenStack tenant only has access to the OVH project in which it has been created. A tenant has access to all the regions.

  • OVH Project: Contributors
    • Region BHS3 & UK1: used for testing by Loïc Dachary
    • Region SBG5: used for testing by Pierre-Louis Bonicoli
    • Region WAW1: used for testing by François Poulain
    • Region GRA5 & DE1: used for testing by Kim Minh Kaplan
  • OVH Project: CI
    • Region DE1: GitLab runner
    • Region GRA5 & UK1: used for testing by nesousx
  • OVH Project: Production
    • Region GRA5: Instances running services in the domain
  • Login as a customer
  • OpenStack OVH management

OpenStack at Fuga

The following teams are defined in Fuga:

  • Team pimthepoi used for testing by pimpthepoi

Security groups

The firewall to all machines is based on openstack security groups. There is one security group per VM.

VM naming conventions

All VMs names end with -host because it makes them easier to grep.

Global account name

The debian account exists on all VMs and is used by all for configuration and debug.