When a new host is created (for instance with enough –domain example.com host create cloud-host) the names cloud-host.example.com and cloud.example.com are added to the DNS.

The bind_zone_records variable is inserted in the example.com zone declaration verbatim (see the BIND documentation for information). It can be set in ~/.enough/example.com/inventory/host_vars/bind-host/zone.yml like so:

bind_zone_records: |
     imap 1800 IN CNAME access.mail.gandi.net.
     pop 1800 IN CNAME access.mail.gandi.net.
     smtp 1800 IN CNAME relay.mail.gandi.net.

     @ 1800 IN MX 50 fb.mail.gandi.net.
     @ 1800 IN MX 10 spool.mail.gandi.net.

Host Resolver

The resolver of all hosts (in /etc/resolv.conf) is set with the IP of the DNS server that was created to bootstrap Enough. It is used to resolve the host names in the Enough domain (for instance example.com or cloud.example.com) and all other domain names (for instance gnu.org or fsf.org).

VPN Resolver

When a client connects to the VPN, its resolver is set to the Enough DNS server.


Using the Enough DNS instead of the DNS of an internet service provider bypasses rewrites of DNS entries (imposed by by the state in some cases).